Security Blankets

Lionel and Snoopy

I did something new last night.

I gave in to my part-geek, part-creative personality by attending a WordPress Adelaide meet up. For the benefit of those who may be lost already, WordPress is free software used to build websites. As at today, there are 67,061,573 WordPress sites worldwide.

So I say yay! Go WordPress!

I loved the meet. Loved the topic. Loved the relaxed atmosphere. Loved discovering that I was not batting above my average in daring to show my face amongst potentially very clever software developers and fellow WordPress admirers.

The most interesting part (for me) did not take place during the evening itself. What caught my attention most was the mini-drama playing in my head during the lead up. I don’t know about you, but I have seriously loud mental chatter, and it was going a little like this…

What… you’re going to go somewhere you’ve never been before, to meet a bunch of new people… by yourself?
And try talk about a topic… you know nothing about?
Who Sue, are you going to talk to when you rock up and don’t know anyone? Who are you going to turn to in order to kill awkward silence?
Sue, tell me, what exactly will your security blanket be tonight?

In answer to my mental chatter, I said…

Oi, Sue. Listen up. Before you were married you did this shit all the time. You were the queen of meeting new people and fitting in anywhere, anytime, with any topic. What’s different now? A ring on your finger? Since when is a husband a security blanket? Wait no longer to pursue what interests you! Go. Forth. And. WordPress. With other WordPress lovers, even if they are a LOT more knowledgeable than you (which they weren’t 🙂 )

And so I did. And it was the best thing this geek has done in ages.

The end.

Sue McKay
Loving life as I boldly go where I've never been before. I'm a writer, photographer, and business owner of Kick It To Me Enterprises with a Grand-Canyon-sized vision involving my Nikon, sport, and my blog.

4 thoughts on “Security Blankets”

  1. Hi Sue, thanks for coming to the meetup! I hope that you got something out of the talk and learnt a little more about WordPress at the same time.

    This was actually only my 4th WordPress meetup, and I had similar thoughts to yours running through my head back in February. I’m so glad that I made the decision and faced my fears because the community is fantastic. Who knows, maybe in a few months time it will be you giving the talk!

    Keep blogging, and I hope to see you again soon,


    1. I got heaps out of the talk Matt, thanks. I recall a blog by Steve Davis on this very topic – and I know the print out of it is still sitting in my “reading pile”. Sometimes things sink in better by being face to face rather than reading words, and having attended MeetUp, I’ve now got .org vs .com down pat. In fact I could probably present on it, but don’t hold me to that!

  2. LMAO… nice Post Sue. Sorry I could not be there to stare at you with a twitch to make you feel 100x more awkward. Anyway’s hopefully I get to say hi to you in the next meetup where I will be presenting something slightly different. A full site design/build and commerce. We have been lucky to have been given a door prize by the developers of Catalyst, so you might get lucky and strike up a nice prize.

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