~ Executive Support ~

Sarah Marquis, Owner, CEO & Chief Winemaker, Mollydooker Wines

Sue is a highly qualified Office Professional with extensive experience in the field of office and record management, corporate governance, executive board meetings minutes, agendas and follow up. Sue’s nature is calm and professional at all times, and her attention to detail and keeping her team on task is outstanding. As a self-motivated, methodical thinker with a strong work ethic, she is also highly adaptable, reliable and outcome focused. Sue would be an asset to any team or organisation requiring these skill sets.

Richard Mussell, CEO,
Animal Welfare League of SA

I have had the pleasure of working with Sue McKay for over 10 years, the past 3 at the AWL in her role as Executive Assistant. Sue is an intelligent professional with a broad range of skills in management, in particular communication, customer service, marketing and governance. One of those people that is great to have around, Sue effortlessly gains respect and admiration from colleagues and would be an asset to any organisation.

Luci Zwarycz, Chairman,
Animal Welfare League of SA

I have held the position of Chairman of the Board of the Animal Welfare League of SA, (AWL), since October, 2014. During this time, Sue McKay has held the position of Executive Assistant to the Chief Executive Officer. Sue is literate, smart, organised, punctual, reliable, polite, supportive and, an excellent problem solver. In my time as Chairman, Sue has, on many occasions, gone above and beyond expectations, to accommodate business needs. I can say, with honesty, that Sue has been an integral part of our team and will be sorely missed. I have no hesitation in recommending Sue for any position she applies for. Our loss will be another’s gain. Luci Zwarycz Chairman of the Board – AWL(SA).

Ania Karzek, Manager Digital Transformation, Dept for Communities and Social Inclusion

Sue is highly competent, highly professional and the most organised and efficient person I have had the pleasure of working with. Nothing is too hard for Sue and she tackles everything and everyone with charm, grace and a ready smile. When the pressure is on and things need to get done, Sue is the person to call. It will be done on time, right the first time, without any headaches. I have absolutely no reservations in recommending Sue to anyone. She is one in a billion.

~ Writing ~

Jodie Watson, Sales Executive, Ray White Real Estate

I have been very impressed with the amazing service and imagination of Sue McKay. Sue is efficient and working to a deadline is never a problem. Thank you immensely for always delivering high quality scripts in what’s usually a very short time frame. I look forward to working with you for many more years to come!

Tanya Ashworth-Keppel, Parter, The Property Writers

Sue is a creative and engaging writer with a lovely writing voice. She’s reliable, always delivering work on time, and extremely easy to deal with in every way. I’m happy to recommend Sue as a writer for any marketing needs.

~ Photography ~

Troy Gray, Creator of Global TV Formats

Sue McKay was the official photographer at the filming and launch of my latest international TV show. Sue is highly talented, easy to work with … and her photos definitely captured the atmosphere with aplomb. I can’t recommend Sue McKay and Kick It To Me highly enough. I will definitely use Sue’s outstanding photographic skills again.

Claire Halliday, Storyteller, Podcaster, Author

Sue and her camera were a very welcome presence at my recent book launch in Adelaide and the photographs she was able to capture – of me and Sunrise co-host David Koch, who is one of the people featured in my book – were fantastic and gave me great opportunities to share images from the event across different social media to help promote the book. Having quality photos is so important for any business marketing but, on a personal level, capturing important moments in your professional life help you hold onto some fantastic memories.

Chad Price, Premium Edition

A diverse, captivating and fantastic range of photography. Sue has a wonderful understanding of moments and emotions that are captured with raw and detailed execution.