Sue Who?

Sue Girardi

You’re here. Finally! I’ve been waiting all night/week/month/year/lifetime  for you, depending who you are. 

So you want to know more about me? That’s nice! (Thanks.)

Let’s start with the work front. There are three things I can tell you about Sue the career woman.

1. I’m a writer; self taught, aside from my the usual English lessons we’re all exposed to in primary and high school. In business I’ve written letters, papers and reports on behalf of CEOs and Board Chairmen. In a creative sense I’ve dabbled extensively with intranet articles, newsletters, annual reports, blog posts, digital marketing and social media. And then there’s the tiny matter of minuting of meetings, which isn’t weeny at all. Locally, nationally, internationally… that’s one feather in my cap. Minuting meetings.

2. I’m a photographer; 30 years qualified (is that even possible, cause I only feel 35) and accredited with the AIPP. They’re a strict bunch, so it’s even more grand that they’ve awarded me four times with silver at state and national level.

3. I’m an organiser extraordinaire. That’s where my office management, executive support, governance, administration, event management and minuting skills come into play. It’s a huge part of my background. Though I began my career in photography and advertising, a stint in London saw me drawn to administration and office management, which quickly turned to executive support and account management at the highest level. 

It’s been fun.

Behind every career woman and man is the character that lies beyond the persona. The inherent slivers of the personality pie that cannot be disguised beneath cream or custard. I am bound by integrity 


As well as the obligations that lie inherent with being a relative, friend, business owner or employee, we have an obligation to ourselves to be real and be happy. So #SpeakUp! And #DoYourThing!

Life is good. Especially when you have the courage to be you.





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