Laughing with the Elderly

The elderly. Aren’t they beautiful?!
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Day by day we shop, commute and share life alongside generations who have experienced a society so far removed from today’s. It’s good to communicate with these generations. They open our eyes. They’re funny!

My mum and dad fall into this category. They make me laugh (now), though that wasn’t always the case. Once upon a time their innocence about today’s society would cause arguments between us. The sort of things they would find to dispute are considered so ‘normal’ to my generation, it proved that we really are worlds apart.

Like their disapproval at the colour of my nail polish or the dye in my hair.

“You weren’t born like that” Dad would say, and “What’s wrong with being natural?” Mum would say.

“God didn’t make you with coloured nails and coloured hair.”

That’s true Mum, well spotted. God also didn’t “make me” with these clothes, but that’s no reason to take them off before I leave the house.

Mum didn’t get it.

Here are a few more gems from my parents that prove today’s version of ‘normal’ is very different from that of previous generations.

On buying my first home…

Me: I’ve found the house I want Dad! It’s a townhouse right by the beach!

Dad: How big is the backyard?

Me: There is no backyard Dad, it’s a townhouse.

Dad: Well that’s no good. So there’s no room for a chook shed?

On drinking water…

Me: (On a 42°c day) Dad, do you want a glass of water?

Dad: No thanks, I had one with my meal.

Me: That was 3 hours ago! I’ve drunk at least two and a half litres of water today.

Dad: You must be pissing all day.

On mobile phones…

Me (showing Dad my iPhone): Hey Dad, check out this photo of us at the beach.

Dad: Is that your camera?

Me: No Dad, it’s my phone.

Dad (in disbelief): How does that work? Who invented that?

Me: I don’t know Dad, I don’t know.

Isn’t this innocence beautiful? Don’t laugh at the elderly; smile, and laugh with them.

Growing old
Growing old – there is a funny side to it.


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