I Am


I am writing in no particular order.
I am afraid of speaking up.
I am not who you think I am.
I am who you want me to be more often than I care to admit.
I am not smarter than the average bear, but I am deeper.
I am essentially creative.
I am seemingly unable to do one thing at a time.
I am of increasingly short attention span.
I am not good at movie-watching but I am exceptional at surf-watching, particularly live.
I am aware I have much to learn, and I am willing.
I am in search of more.
I am not afraid of dieing.
I am big on being respectful.
I am a photographer and a writer at heart, and I know why this is hard to admit.
I am more in awe of my mother with each passing day.
I am affected more by my father’s death, than any other’s.
I am a believer in God, but probably not “God” as you think that I or others perceive Him or Her to be.
I am interested in conversations that involve the spiritual, the mystical, the metaphysical.
I am too righteous for my liking.
I am intolerant of people who make excuses.
I am the best sleeper I know.
I am an early riser.
I am quite good at astral travel and I have had extra terrestrial experiences while awake.
I am aware of patterns in my life. They are the essence of what needs addressing in all of us.
I am living a lie because of this thing called money. I think most of us are.
I am excited about every single day.
I am ready for my purpose.
I am open to whatever tomorrow holds, and I have a clear idea of what I want.
I am sure music is therapeutic.
I am worried at times that I will lose my memory; just as my mother and grandmother did.
I am inspired by people who take risks to be authentic. This is why I advocate #SpeakUp and #DoYourThing
I am happy acknowledging the day that people were born. It’s important to me.
I am beginning to notice my age.
I am so very grateful for my life! It’s been varied and I love that.
I am a Beatles tragic. I go to another world when I hear their songs.
I am a traveller. I was not born to sit still.
I am a bubbling cauldron.
I am calmer than I used to be.
I am so much more than I or you realise.
I am empathic. This can be difficult at times.
I am task oriented and I realise that most people would say orientated instead of oriented.
I am prone to fuss over grammar.
I am shit at telling jokes.
I am envious of those who connect through humour.
I am fortunate to be able to call many people my friends and family.
I am emotional.
I am convinced that better communication is the answer to all problems.
I am sad that people are unaware of each other.
I am increasingly noticing how much anger there is in the world.
I am wanting a greater connection with my self, my friends and my family.
I am not only desperately seeking Susan, I am also desperately seeking you.
I am inviting you to share with me, that which you are.

Sue McKay
Loving life as I boldly go where I've never been before. I'm a writer, photographer, and business owner of Kick It To Me Enterprises with a Grand-Canyon-sized vision involving my Nikon, sport, and my blog.

13 thoughts on “I Am”

  1. I am always amazed at how well you write, I am not surprised at how honest you are and I am lucky to call you my friend ❤️❤️

  2. I am so proud of you Sue and I am very lucky that we have a connection.
    I am lucky yo be able to call you a friend.
    We are both lucky to have the Hotham girls in our lives and thank Carmi, Sandra, Erls and Michelle for the connection.
    I am also a photographer, I have an eye for shots and need to learn more about photography to further my talent, as I can never stop learning new things.
    I am a guitarist, I call it my maton my baby, brought with my nan and pops inheritance, I am sad that I don’t play it more often, if at all, which is one thing on my to do list.
    I am very faithful.
    I am an exceptionally good friend who you can count on, and often put others before myself.
    I am a gypsy and still haven’t found my home. I love to travel too.
    I am a mummy to my Westie Nessie who I adore and love to bits.
    I am a sister, daughter and friend.
    I am a believer, a doer and a supporter.
    I am spiritual, I like you Sue love the phenomenal.
    I am happy most days, I have my tough times, but I will always look for the positive.
    I won’t let others negatives get to me, I am strong that way, and look at the situation as its them, not me with the problem.
    I am into dragonflies, it’s a symbol my Aunty left when she passed away. Everyday I think of her, and I wear a dragonfly necklace in her honour.
    I am contemplating getting a dragonfly tattoo, haven’t had the courage to do it yet.
    I am planning to move to QLD this year, to be closer to family and friends in the east coast.
    I am grateful for life, friends, work and my gorgeous family.
    I am excited about my future and what amazing adventures it will bring me xoxoxo

      1. Thank you, just wish we had a chance to catch up more at Carmi snd Dazzas wedding, but I think we all wish that as the night just flew by xoxoxo

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