How Much of You Do You Share?

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Things come in pairs.

Don’t believe me? Take ‘you’ for example.

Two eyes, two ears, two arms, two legs – get the picture? Two thumbs, two index fingers, two kidneys… and so on.

What about the stuff we have just one of?

One nose (two nostrils), one brain (two sides), one stomach (two intestines), one heart (two halves).

Hmmm. We must have one of something?

How about women and vaginas? Yep, just one of those (phew!). But it does have two primary functions; sexual intercourse and childbirth. Similarly, the penis serves two purposes of reproduction and peeing.

Okay, okay, let me think about it… What do we have just one of?

Yep, I’ve got it! The belly button! One fluff-filled cavity reminding us whence we came.

Why do you think most things come in pairs?

Because we’re meant to share, that’s why.

Physiognomy and physiology aside, I like the silly idea that half of us is for sharing.

I’ll keep one eye on you, and one eye on me. I’ll listen to your truth intently with one ear, while I process mine with the other. I’ll split my heart in two with my love, so we can truly fuse.

And as for the belly button, there were two connections – you and your mother.


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