Diary Post – A Week in the Life

What shall I write about today? A week in a life can hold a vast array of subject matters.

Our dog Sweep died.

She was my first pet love. And I was seriously, entirely, in love with her. God bless you my angel girl. I only cared for you the last two years of your almost 15 year life, but I am honoured to have had the opportunity. You taught me what it is to love a pet. I miss you with all of me. My fingers used to scratch your back, and they miss you. My nose used to snuggle your forehead, and it misses you. My toes used to rub your belly, and they miss you. What a girl. Our whole house is different Sweepy girl. Rest peacefully …. yeah right …. I know you won’t! You’ll be jumping around in dog heaven and choosing your next life to leap into. You were too beautiful not to live on. I just hope we cross paths again because you and I, we had something special.


I started boot camp.

Me. Who sits on her arse all day typing and shuffling papers. Boot camp. Every morning. 6am to 7am. Boxing, running, squatting, cycling, crunching. I don’t even understand half the terminology that’s used in exercise these days. Burpies? Yeah I’m good at that. And I’m even better at farties if you really want to get to know me.

I almost sold a printer on Gumtree.

Almost. Until the buyer decided he’d try a bit of soft porn on me.

Like, huh?

The text messages began totally innocently and totally focussed on the item for sale. That is, the 3 in 1 printer. How many prints had it performed? What was the condition of the drum unit? Will I accept $50? And then…..

How would you like some sauce on your face? I bet you like sauce on your face don’t you? I’ve got some sauce for you.

What the fuck?

No but really. “Tristan” whoever you are, get a life. And another printer.

That was my week in the life. In short cut. 

Dave’s had the long cut. I think I keep him entertained. Or stressed. Or both.




Sue McKay
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