Cheeky Confessions of 2012

Cheeky Confessions of 2012
Cheeky Confessions of 2012

The year’s over and I can confess to a few things I won’t be doing in 2013, partly because I shouldn’t but mostly because I can’t.

In 2012, I spent time watching Being Lara Bingle and The Shire and I enjoyed both. Had they been granted another season on free-to-air tele, I’m not saying that I would have consistently figured in the near-zero ratings but they did get my attention during season one.

It was Lara herself as well as Sophie, Vernessa and Beckaa (not a typo, she has a double ‘a’ at the end of her name) that fascinated me the most.

I loved watching them. I found myself trying to understand what goes on in those minds; how can someone be so obsessed with their looks that it consumes them all day long? These girls challenge me to the max, because they cause me to have inward and outward conversations in which I judge them, and this is challenging for me because I would like to judge less and accept more.

On the topic of people who love attention, I have yet to watch anything featuring the Kardashians other than an interview or two. I really like Kanye‘s music and if he lets that slip now that he’s going to father the next K-Kid I will not be happy!

Next confession – there were a few firsts during 2012 that should have happened to me much earlier in life. I bought Tupperware, I jumped on a trampoline, and I cooked a roast. I fell in love with a dog named Sweep. I went to Kangaroo Island for more than a day. I gave this really ignorant and rude lady a good dose of “Sue McKay road rage” by giving her the finger. God that felt GOOD! Just the once mind you, I’ve never done it again since :).

And the best first of all, I had my family over for Christmas lunch. Yeah!

I got dared to dance Gangnam Style in full view of a hundred or so strangers at Glenelg beach. Of course I did.

The last (cheeky) confession of all; one day while cleaning a KITM apartment I split my shorts so bad my left arse cheek was very much on display. We’re talking a 5 inch irreparable tear. The upside of losing one of my favourite pairs of shorts and potentially my dignity? My triceps had a work out and a half carrying the vacuum cleaner behind my back to cover the nudity.

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