Who’s Sue?

Sue Girardi

Hi, I’m Sue. Welcome, and thanks for visiting my online home of words and images.

This is my creative dumping ground. Just like my favourite pair of jeans teamed with a big slouchy jumper, I’m most comfortable when I’m wearing the writer’s hat. With my fingers poised at asdf and jkl;, and my heart and head competing for airtime, I experience a sense of anticipation mixed with anxiety and relief. It’s like I’m ready for love and war all at once.

Writing is my thing.

I grew up with a healthy respect for authority despite my rebellious nature. I remember well my mum’s words “Because I said so!”. Those words were, in her eyes, justifiable and unarguable. They were final. And all praise to my beautiful mum, because as a devoted Italian wife who was in the midst of raising four other children before I surprised her, she deserved to have her say. We all do.

Here is mine.

Because I said so.

Good things flow from allowing ourselves to say what we need to say and do what is innate. Living with an honest voice and acting out our gifts brings benefits that can’t be measured; but it can only be healthy, joyful and satisfying to be who we truly are rather than whom others expect us to be.

As well as the obligations that lie inherent with being a relative, friend, business owner or employee, we have an obligation to ourselves to be real and be happy. So #SpeakUp! And #DoYourThing!

Life is good. Especially when you have the courage to be you.





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