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San Clemente sunset

Oh my God. I’d like to be involved in a Q&A segment on this. The topic of religion, beliefs and spirituality makes for fascinating conversation, don’t you think? Um, apparently not. Lord knows I’ve tried to “go there” at dinner parties after a prawn cocktail and a … Read More

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One Big Serendipity

Mick Fanning 11 September 2016

serendipity /ˌsɛrənˈdɪpɪtɪ/  noun 1. the faculty of making fortunate discoveries by accident Tuesday night I sat beneath the Californian skies watching an outdoor screening of a documentary made by local surfers called Positive Vibrations. I looked upward and counted my lucky stars. There were several shining red, white and blue. They … Read More

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It Rains in NYC

The facade of the Manhattan skyline resembles an ECG on steroids. It’s quite appropriate for a city with its own heartbeat. Towering buildings sit side-by-side and there appears to be no two rooftops the same level. There rains hope for the dreams of … Read More

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Tonight in NYC

There’s nothing I can tell you about New York that you haven’t already read or seen in one of the bajillion movies featuring this iconic city. I can only give you my version. And my version, my very, initial, impression, comes … Read More

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I Am

I am writing in no particular order. I am afraid of speaking up. I am not who you think I am. I am who you want me to be more often than I care to admit. I am not smarter … Read More

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