Hello, I love you, won’t you tell me your name?

Sue Girardi

Why hello. I’m guessing you’re here because you’d like to know more about me? That’s nice. (Thanks.)

I’ll start with ‘work’; in inverted commas because I consider these things ‘fun’ and I’d do what I do even if it didn’t bring home the bacon. Here are four things I can tell you about Sue the career woman.


I’m a writer, editor and proofreader; with no qualifications or training of which to boast, aside from the par-for-the-course English lessons we all had in school. In business I’ve written policies, procedures, correspondence, speech notes, board papers and reports on behalf of CEOs and Chairs. I’ve edited, formatted and proofread academic documents, educational materials and instruction manuals. In marketing I’ve penned media releases, advertising copy, property advertisements, intranet articles, newsletters, annual reports, blog posts, web content and social media updates. And then there’s the wee matter of minuting meetings. Locally, nationally, internationally… I count minuting meetings across the globe as a feather in my cap.

When the written word is cleverly crafted it commands attention and retains the reader’s focus.

How am I doing?


I’m a photographer; 30+ years qualified to be precise. I’m accredited with the AIPP. They’re a strict bunch, so it’s even more grand that they’ve awarded me with Silver six times at state and national level. Photographing sport ignites my adrenal glands. This stirring likely dates back to childhood, watching my brother playing Aussie Rules for the South Australian League. I’ve since captured international cricket, soccer, cycling, surfing, national basketball, MMA in the Octagon, AFL, and then some. I’m thirsty for more.

Life is a series of split seconds. An average sporting match has over a million.

The job of a sports photographer is to anticipate the split seconds worth capturing.

Executive Administrator

This is where my executive support, governance, office management, and administration skills, come into play. It’s a huge part of my background.

Despite having begun my career in photography and advertising, a five-year stint in London had me on a steep learning curve in the corporate world. I headed the International Administration Team for one of the UK’s top 20 accounting firms. Reporting to the Offshore Partner, I managed six staff and held a portfolio comprising Italian speaking clients based in Switzerland. Consequently, administration, team leadership, office management, executive support, account service and international travel soon became my bag.

Enter Sue the businesswoman.

Back home in Adelaide I’ve since supported Boards, CEOs and Executive Directors in state government. In the private and NFP sectors my roles have included Office Manager, Board Executive Officer, Executive Assistant to CEO(s), Commercial Operations Assistant and Administration Manager.

Great office administration provides order.

A great Executive Administrator adds calm.


I’m not afraid to extend my hand, head and spirit to new stuff. I formed Kick It To Me Enterprises in 2005 and under this umbrella I’ve explored various business ventures. I’ve coordinated corporate events with over 1,000 in attendance, published a book, run shopping tours and managed holiday rentals on behalf of landlords. 

Not long ago I was the voice over for a saucy TV commercial. That’s ‘saucy’ as in naughty, not as in Heinz. Quite a random addition to my body of work.

I like learning and trying new things. Why restrict the experience of life by doing what you’ve always done? 

What we perceive as beyond our capabilities is limited only by the depth and breadth of our imagination. 

I’m attracted to Grand-Canyon-sized imaginations.

Aside all that

Behind every career persona is the ‘real’ human, where characteristics beyond the boardroom reside. These are the ingrained traits that no amount of awards or accolades can disguise. I describe myself as respectful, free, committed and connected. Integrity is more important than ever in today’s fast-paced lifestyle. Relationships (with self and others) are the fibre of our everyday interactions. We need to be more aware of each other and how we communicate. It is what I focus on most.

I like to think. I like to feel. And I like to help others do the same through words and images.

This is my joy. 

Life is not just good. It’s spectacular. Especially when you have the courage to do your thing.

If you’d like to collaborate and do things together, you can start by telling me your name (I already love you).

Drop me a line via the contact form below or email; sue@kickittome.com.au.